Social Media for owners, players and/or team affiliated personnel other than fans:

1. No owner, player or team affiliate shall publicly slander the TUFA league, it’s governing officials, it’s partners or any person(s) representing the league in any way form or fashion.

2. No owner, player or team shall publicly criticize TUFA business practices, goals, missions etc with the intent to cause blatant discord with league operations, league image and/or league position on any issue.

3. No owner, player or team will make any threats on social media to any other owner, player or team. Consequences will be that the individual will be banned from TUFA effective immediately. 

4. Should there be an investigation of any kind conducted by TUFA officials there shall no reference made to the issue being investigated, the method or the possible outcome by any owners, players and/or team affiliates.

5. Any parties found violating these by laws will be subject to a warning in writing for the first offense, a $100 fine for the second offense and a team forfeit for the third offense. All fines shall be placed on the responsibility of the team to complete regardless of who on that team who committed the offense. Fourth offenses and so on will result in continuous forfeits and $100 fines per offense. All parties will be extended the benefit of the doubt and will not be blindly accused by the TUFA. There will also be discretion used by the TUFA to avoid misunderstandings. These bylaws are intended to discourage blatant activity that results in slander, cause confusion and hurt the image of the TUFA

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