The TUFA wants to start off different this season. Semipro already has a bad name and it’s easy for some to act up and pay the league a fine. The TUFA doesn’t want fines we want to make players/teams accountable for they’re actions. If a player/teams acts up it effects the team as a whole. We’ve decided to put a POINT SYSTEM in place.

Team disciplinary actions:
1. A team will have (1) point deducted for every player involved if a fight happens.
2. A team will have (3) points deducted for every player that leaves the sideline and goes onto the field.…

The above can be protested (appealed to discipline board). If no game film can be presented by protesting team the referee’s report will be used.

If a home team doesn’t film the game it will result in a (5) points deduction.

If a team is caught playing a player who has been suspended that team will not be eligible
for playoffs regardless of record.

Any player, coach, or team personnel who spits on anybody will get a lifetime ban from The TUFA.

Player Disciplinary Actions:
A) First fight- 3 game suspension
B) Second fight- automatically suspended the remainder of the season

Any person ejected by the ref’s for fighting, or spitting is subjected to the above listed disciplinary actions.

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