The TUFA will use a playoff system very similar to the NFL. We have 2 Conferences and 4 Divisions.  The winner of each division will automatically clinch a playoff spot and a BYE in the first round of the playoffs.  Then, the next 4 best records in each conference will make up the wild card slots.  Number 3 will play number 6 and number 4 will play number 5 in the first round of the playoffs. After each round of the playoffs, there will be re-seeding to determine the next round and home field.  The top seed will play the lowest seed, and the top seeded team will retain home field.   


Anticipated Playoff Dates

June 5-Wild Card Round

June 12-Conference Semifinals

June 19-Conference Championships

June 26-TUFA Super Bowl


Tie-Breakers will be as follows:

1. Head to Head record

2. Divisional Record

3. Common Opponent Played Record

4. Conference Record

5. Point Margin(Points for vs Points against)