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Below are the rules, regulations, requirements for all teams participating in Season VII of the Texas United Football Association, herein referred to “TUFA” or “the League”. All rules,regulations and requirements are agreed upon by the owners of all teams within the TUFA and may only be revised and/or revoked by a vote of the owners of all teams within the TUFA. All rules, regulations and requirements are set in place with the safety and best interest of all owners, players and spectators during Season VI in mind.

Players / Team Requirements



1. All players must be 18 years of age or older. However a player 17 years of age may participate if said player’s parent(s) sign permission waiver and only if the respected team allows it.

2. For any 17 year old player, the team must have a signed waiver, application, and copy of ID on file for said player at any and all games and practices.

3. NO player may play in the TUFA and any other league at the same time, if caught the TUFA team with such player on their roster will be immediately removed from the League.

4. Team Application and all fees must be submitted on or before October 22. No refunds on Fees.

5. TUFA recommends that each team provide a trainer, water boy, and ball boy.

6. Pre-season games/scrimmages may start in November before regular season begins.

7. Teams official team rosters for the regular season must be submitted to the League Commissioner by or before March 4th or the third game, whichever comes first, and
posted on League site.

8. Players eligibility will be checked 30 minutes prior to kickoff of game by a team owner or staff. Any player not available for the initial check in will not be eligible to participate in the first half of the game. A player who arrives after kickoff can check in by showing his ID to the opposing coach at half-time. If a player arrives after half-time he will not be allowed to play in the game. A list of eligible players will be turned in to the referee prior to kickoff. This list should be adjusted prior to second half kickoff with any late arriving players who checked in at half. Any player caught playing who didn’t check in, and is not on the list given to referee will be treated as an illegal player and thus the team as well as the player is subject to discipline.

A. In order to play in playoff games, players must have a minimum of 5 game check-ins.
B. Injured players are eligible to check in and must be present at games in team jersey.

9. Teams must have at least 11 players present before kickoff in order to participate in a scheduled game.

A. If unable to meet this requirement the team will forfeit after 30 minutes and the other team will be awarded the win. Team has 30 minutes from posted kickoff time.
B. If a team forfeits a game, they will be fined a $400.00 forfeit fee payable to the team they were unable to play and an additional $100.00 to the League.
C. If a team folds there will be no refund of League fees.

10. In order to be eligible for the playoffs each team must play all 10 games if you forfeit a game you will be ineligible for playoffs. There will be no forfeits at the end of season to rest players for the playoffs. You agree to play a ten game season, and must do so to have a shot at the playoffs.

A. If a team folds after official rosters have been submitted (March 9th at Noon) those players will not be eligible to go to another team within the League.
B. Any team caught with players not on official roster for their team will be removed from League.

12. If you allow a player(s) to play without paying team fees the League is not responsible for recovery fees or equipment.

A. All team owner(s) will be held responsible for their players and coaches on all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat or any Semi-Pro chat room.
B. The league will not allow any disrespect/defamation toward/of any owner(s), player(s),coach (es), the TUFA or any other League(s).
C. Any owners, players, or coaches that break any of these rules regarding social media will be subject to the following consequences:

 First offense: two game suspension.
 Second offense: suspended from the League for the remainder of the season.

D. If suspended, the player(s)/coach(s)/owner(s)/team(s) will go before the disciplinary board via conference call with (or without) the owners in order to be reinstated whether following two game suspension or remainder of season.

Game Requirements

1. The Season will consist of 10 games for the season, playoff games, TUFA Super Bowl and All Star Game.

A. Home teams are responsible for having a home field and all cost associated with it. All fields will be reviewed by the TUFA board and go through the approval or denial stage to ensure player safety. Teams will not have a voice during the season of not wanting to play at particular venues. If the board approves the venue to be utilized then the visiting team must partake in the game or face forfeiture with a fine enforced.

B. The home team will choose the time of the game. The game cannot be scheduled for earlier than 5pm unless there is a doubleheader scheduled. This must be sent via email to the team that is visiting as well as to the league commissioner with all parties in agreement. If no email sent there is no agreement, and home team is subject to forfeit for playing before 3:30pm.

C. Games should be played at the time stated on schedule. No waiting on players for home team.

D. Team Representatives must contact TUFA and your opponent by Wednesday at 7pm.

E. There is a minimum of 5 referees per game. Referees must be TASO Certified and should have proof of their certification on hand whether on their person or in their vehicle.

F. If a team forfeits a game, the team owner(s) are responsible for paying the referees prior to anyone leaving the game location, not the League.

G. Games are to start no earlier than 5 pm, unless agreed on by both teams. Agreement must be in writing with email sent to the Commissioner (Starsky Long) & League owner (Pamela Mitchell).

H. All communication should be by email. When home team contacts visiting teams, the following information must be included in the email: Game location, time, Color of jersey, bleachers or not, where team can change, and if home team will provide water/ice.

I. Visiting team must respond back to home team with an email that states “I received the information for game and I am in agreement with the time, etc.”. Visiting team must submit a roster of all players, (Commissioner will send official roster as well) coaches, ball-boys, water-boys, cheerleaders, managers, and trainers etc. Anybody who is going to be on the sideline must be on the list. This list must include the names of all stated people.

Field Requirements

1. Fields must be properly marked.

A. Yard Line Numbers

B. End Zone Pylons

C. Chains

D. Yard Lines Marked

E. Working scoreboard

Dress Requirements

1. Facilities must have restrooms and a place for spectators to sit or set up their own chairs while allowing adequate space between the field and spectators, so as to prevent spectators from interfering with the games, coaches, players and/or referees.

A. Changing rooms are highly recommended

2. Official NFL leather balls are the only footballs permitted, along with a one inch kicking tee.

3. A. NFL Rules with the following exceptions:

B. All games will have a game clock, with a Play Clock kept on the field by referee.

4. Game cancellation due to inclement weather – game will be rescheduled for a later date. Scheduled games will continue as planned. The rescheduling of any games will be
agreed upon by the teams involved and the League Commissioner.

5. Quarters are 15 minutes with 15 minute half times.

6. Teams MUST have two jerseys, Home and Away jerseys. Recommend a light color and dark color for the two jerseys.

A. Uniformity and integrity is a big part of the game we love to play so the TUFA has a mandatory declaration that each team must have both sets of uniforms by mid January. If team owners fail to do so by this deadline, you will be dismissed for the season with no fee refunds. We must be held accountable as owners of teams to showcase and display following of rules to players and staff.

B. Teams will match in all uniforms. There will be no half and half display. If any teams run into issues that have the entire team not matching, you must reach out to the commissioner immediately.

7. Away jerseys do not necessarily have to be white but a lighter color. Home team picks their jersey color for the game.

8. Players must match as a team and have all same jerseys and pants.

A. Football Cleats

B. Team Jersey – Undershirts and Jersey must be tucked in.

C. Football pants must be worn -No shorts, sweat pants, jeans, etc.

D. Socks are a must and must match the uniform.

E. Helmet must be painted team color by week one. Must match if one helmet has decals all must. Face mask must be same color for all players on team.

F. Visor (optional) Dark or clear.

9. Any blood, torn uniform, or showing equipment must be corrected before player can return to the field.

10. Undershirts must be team colors and socks must match (color of uniforms).

11. No players or coaches will wear anything negative or possessing curse words to any TUFA function.

12. During game warm up, all players must match in team jerseys or team shirts shorts or pants. No bare chest.

13. One point will be deducted from team total score for each player not following dress code policy.

14. Coaches must be in team colored polo shirts, not t-shirts, on sideline during game.

15. One point will be deducted for each coach outside of dress code.

Conduct Rules 1. All persons participating in TUFA events (games, fundraisers, etc.) will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

2. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Consequences that may be assessed include but are not limited to suspensions and/or fines. These consequences are at the discretion of the

TUFA owners and the League Commissioner.

3. Absolutely “NO FIGHTING” will be tolerated. Players will be ejected from the game. There is

NO appeal process for ejected players or coaches.

A. 1st Offense - 3 points, suspended for 3 games.

B. 2nd Offense - 5 points, automatically suspended remainder of the season.

C. The board will review game film for any fight.

D. If NO game film, the board will rely on referee’s report and the home team will lose 3 points for not providing game film.

E. In order for player(s) to be reinstated they must go in front of the disciplinary board. This is done AFTER fine has been paid, and suspension has expired. Note: This is to be reinstated, this is not an appeal.

4. TUFA has a ZERO tolerance level for all fights:

A. 1st time: 3 game suspension/5 points deducted from teams final score.

B. 2nd time: automatically suspended remainder of the season/10 points deducted from teams final score.

C. Anyone caught spiting on another person will be removed from the game and suspended for the remainder of the season and black balled from the League. Assault charges will also be filed.

5. NO smoking or use of any tobacco products as well as alcohol at any TUFA function including games. This includes pre-game, during the game and post-game.

6. All helmets must match including painted & decals.

7. Fundraising- All teams are required to participate in any and all TUFA fundraisers.

A. Team fundraising should be reported to TUFA so we may help spread the word.

8. Fines –Any fines assessed must be paid in full before player/teams can resume play. No refunds will be given.

9. Participation in TUFA is voluntary and no one receives compensation.

10. Players are encouraged to have Medical Insurance.


12. If a team folds, or doesn’t finish the season, there will $200 added to your fees. All forfeit fees or outstanding fees must be paid prior to consideration to be allowed to return to the TUFA. The League will take a vote to allow a team back in the League.

13. Every team must be able to travel.

14. NO kids will be allowed on a chain crew under the age of 15 years old

15. All games MUST be played on a regulated field.

16. If two teams decide to merge, both teams must let (TUFA) management know. This must be done before season.

17. All trash must be cleaned up on sideline and locker rooms.

18. If a conference call is set up, every team must have an owner or team rep on the phone to represent the team. If not, it will result in a 1 point deduction.

19. If a Coach or Owner is ejected, 3 points will be deducted.

20. Any threats or violent actions toward another team, player, coach or referee will result in a 5 point deduction and acting team, player or coach will be removed from the League.

21. Players can be ejected for reasons other than listed above. Any ejection is subject to the discipline listed above. There will be no appeals.

22. NO children should be on the sidelines unless they are water boys and are 15 years of age or older. This is a safety issue. Any player(s) caught stealing or vandalizing will automatically be removed from the premises and removed from the League. The League reserves the right to file a report with local law enforcement regarding such incident.

23. A County Sheriff Deputy/Police Officer is required as security for all home games.

24. After Week 3 of regular season, all teams rosters are locked includes players AND coaches.

25. Touchdown celebrations are allowed and not ruled as a taunting foul.

26. Any proven verbal threats by players and/or coaches will be a 2 game suspension. 

27. All teams MUST use NFL LEATHER BALLS (no composites or NCAA balls) allowed.


***Rules are subject to change with the approval of the owners of the TUFA ***

Each team is required to purchase Liability Insurance, commonly known as Stadium Insurance.

The League qualifies for discounted rates upon purchase. It is a one-time fee, and coverage is valid for 12 months. Must list the TUFA.

All rights reserved by the owner of the Texas United Football Association:
Pamela Mitchell & James “Yogi” Mitchell