Below are the rules, regulations, requirements for all teams participating in 

Season XI of the Texas United Football Association, herein referred to “TUFA” or 

“the League”. All rules, regulations and requirements are agreed upon by the

 owners of all teams within the TUFA and may only be revised and/or revoked by a 

vote of the owners of all teams within the TUFA. All rules, regulations and

requirements are set in place with the safety and best interest of all owners,

players and spectators during Season XI in mind.


Section A: Team Requirements 


  1. Team Application and all non-refundable fees must be submitted on or before December 18th, 2020. 

  2. The Season will consist of 10 games, playoff games, TUFA Super Bowl, and All Star Game.

  3. Official team rosters for the regular season must be submitted to the League Commissioner by Monday, March 22, 2021 at 7:00PM to, and it will be posted on the League website.

  4. TUFA recommends that each team provide a trainer, water boy, and ball boy.

  5. TUFA recommends that the age of all staff be 18 years of age or older.

  6. No children are allowed on the sidelines.

  7. Teams must have at least 11 players present before kickoff in order to participate in a scheduled game.  If unable to meet this requirement the team will forfeit after 30 minutes from the posted kickoff time, and the other team will be awarded the win.

  8. If a team forfeits a game, they will be fined a $400.00 forfeit fee payable to the team they were unable to play and an additional $100.00 to the League. Both fees must be paid in order to continue the season.  Teams will become ineligible for playoffs after second forfeit. If fees aren’t paid and the team dissolves, those players will be ineligible to join another team if before the roster lock.  If the fees are paid, AND it is before the roster lock, those players may be eligible to join another team.

  9. If a team dissolves after official rosters have been submitted, those players will not be eligible to go to another team within the League.

  10. Any team caught with players not on the official roster for their team will be removed from League.

  11. Every team must be able to travel.

  12. If a conference call is set up, every team must have an owner or team rep on the phone to represent the team.


Section B: Uniform Requirements


  1. Teams MUST have two jerseys, Home and Away jerseys. League recommends a light color and dark color for the two jerseys.

  2. Uniformity and integrity are big parts of the game we love to play. TUFA has a mandatory declaration that each team must have both sets of uniforms by March 14th, 2021. If team owners fail to do so by this deadline, you will be dismissed for the season with no fee refunds.

  3. Teams must match in all uniforms, which include helmets(face masks also), jerseys, socks and pants. If any teams run into issues that have the entire team not matching, you must reach out to the commissioner immediately.

  4. Away jerseys do not necessarily have to be white but it must be opposite of the home jerseys. Home team picks their jersey color for the game.

  5. Team Jersey – Undershirts and Jersey must be tucked in. Undershirts must be team colors.

  6. Football pants must be worn -No shorts, sweat pants, jeans, etc.

  7. Cleats are required.

  8. During pre-game warm up, all players must match in team jerseys or team shirts, shorts or pants. No bare chest.

  9. Coaches must be in team colored polo shirts, not t-shirts, on sideline during game.

  10. Any blood, torn uniform, or showing equipment must be corrected before the player can return to the field.


Section C: Field, Facility, and Game-day Requirements


  1. Home teams are responsible for having a home field and all cost associated with it. All fields will be reviewed by the TUFA board,  and it will go through the approval or denial stage to ensure player safety. Teams will not have a voice during the season of not wanting to play at particular venues. If the board approves the venue to be utilized, then the visiting team must partake in the game or face forfeiture with a fine enforced.

  2. Fields must be an eleven-man legal field, 120yards x 53 1/3rd yard,  and properly marked with:

    1. Yard Line Numbers

    2. End Zone Pylons

    3. Yard Lines Marked

  3. Chains and down markers

  4. Working scoreboard

  5. Security must be hired by the home team 

  6. Facilities must have restrooms and a place for spectators to sit or set up their own chairs while allowing adequate space between the field and spectators, so as to prevent spectators from interfering with the games, coaches, players and/or referees.

  7. Changing rooms are highly recommended

  8. All trash must be cleaned up on the sideline and locker rooms


Section D: Player Requirements 


  1. All players must be 17 years of age or older. However, a player 17 years of age may only participate if said player’s parent(s) sign permission waiver AND only if the respected team allows it.  For any 17 year old player, the team must have a signed waiver, application, and copy of ID on file for said player AND said player’s parent at any and all games and practices.

  2. No player may play in the TUFA and any other league at the same time. The player will be disqualified for the remainder of the season and removed from the roster.  A league investigation will determine any potential disciplinary action to the team, which could include forfeiture for all games the player in violation  participated.

  3. No 1 player may be on more than one roster.  There will be a $200 fine for the teams involved.  If the player is at fault, that player will be suspended for the entire season, and the league will determine potential indefinite suspension.

  4. The League is not responsible for individual team fees, equipment, or other expenses owed by a player to a team.

  5. Participation in TUFA is voluntary and no one receives compensation.

  6. Players are encouraged to have Medical Insurance.


Section E: Game Rules


  1. TUFA will use the NFL Rulebook; Official NFL leather balls are the only footballs permitted

  2. Safety will always be our priority.  This includes, but isn’t limited to players, coaches, officials, and spectators.

  3. Pre-season games/scrimmages may start before the regular season begins, and will not reflect any TUFA League standings.

  4. Players eligibility may be checked 30 minutes prior to kickoff of the game by a team owner or staff. A player who arrives after kickoff can check in by showing his ID to the opposing coach. A list of eligible players will be signed off by both head coaches prior to kickoff. This list should be adjusted prior to the second half kickoff with any late arriving players who checked in at half. Any player caught playing who didn’t check in, and is not on the list signed-off by both head coaches will be treated as an illegal player and thus the team as well as the player is subject to discipline.

  5. Video replay will not be allowed to change an official’s call.  Video may only be used by the League to determine disciplinary actions.

  6. Home teams are responsible for recording the entire game.  The League may request the use of the video to determine disciplinary actions.

  7. The home team will choose the time of the game. The game cannot be scheduled for earlier than 5pm unless there is a doubleheader scheduled, AND it is approved by both teams. This must be sent via email to the team that is visiting as well as to the league commissioner with all parties in agreement. If no email is sent, there is no agreement, and the home team is subject to forfeit for playing before 5:00pm.

  8. Games must be played at the time presented by the home team, which must be communicated to the visiting team AND the League by 7PM on Wednesday prior to the game.  More advanced planning and preparation are appreciated by all involved.

  9. A minimum of 5 TASO Certified Referees are required for all league games. 

  10. The home team will provide 3 adults, 18 years or older, to work the chains on the home sideline.

  11. All communication should be by email. When the home team contacts visiting teams, the following information must be included in the email: Game location, time, Color of jersey, bleachers or not, where team can change, and if home team will provide water/ice.

  12. Visiting team must respond back to the home team with an email that states “I received the information for the game and I am in agreement with the time, etc.” Visiting team must submit a roster of all players, (the Commissioner will send an official roster as well) coaches, ball-boys, water-boys, cheerleaders, managers, and trainers etc. Anybody who is going to be on the sideline must be on the list. This list must include the names of all stated people.

  13. Game cancellation due to inclement weather – game will be rescheduled for a later date. Scheduled games will continue as planned. The rescheduling of any games will be agreed upon by the teams involved and the League Commissioner.


Section F: League Conduct


  1. All persons participating in TUFA events (games, fundraisers, etc.) will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  2. Absolutely “NO FIGHTING” will be tolerated. Players will be ejected from the game. There is NO appeal process for ejected players or coaches. 

    1. First Offense-Minimum 3 game suspension, pending League investigation for larger suspension.

    2. Second Offense-Suspended for the remainder of the season, pending League investigation for larger suspension.

    3. Video review will be allowed for League investigations. If no video is available, the League will depend on the Referee’s report.

    4. In order for players, coaches or staff to be reinstated they must go in front of the disciplinary board. This is done AFTER fines have been paid, and the suspension expired. Note: This to be reinstated, this is not an appeal. 

  3. Anyone caught spitting on another person will be immediately banned from the League. Assault charges will also be filed.

  4. Any Staff, coaches or players caught stealing or vandalizing will automatically be removed from the premises and removed from the League. The League reserves the right to file a report with local law enforcement regarding such incidents.

  5. All team owner(s) will be held responsible for their players and coaches on all social media sites and internet forums.

  6. We will have ZERO TOLERANCE dealing with any issues of players, coaches, or staff threatening someone over the internet. Anyone that decides to break this rule will be subject to suspension for the season and a possible lifetime ban from the TUFA.

  7. The league will not allow any disrespect/defamation toward/of any owner(s), player(s),coach (es), the TUFA or any other League(s).

  8. Any owners, staff,  players, or coaches that break any of these rules regarding league conduct will be subject to the following consequences:

    1. First offense: two game suspension.

    2. Second offense: suspended from the League for the remainder of the season, potential indefinitely.

  9. All ejections will result in a minimum of a 1 game suspension. The League reserves the right to increase suspension time to reflect the action which provoked the ejection.

  10. Any unsportsmanlike penalties towards officials may result in suspension to be determined by the League.

  11. No Player, Coach, or staff member is to address the opposing team in any manner without respect. Anyone flagged or thrown out is subject to a multi- game suspension to be determined by the League.

  12. Coaches, players or staff who habitually delay the flow of the game may be suspended to be determined by the League.

  13. No staff, players, or coaches will wear anything negative or possess curse words to any TUFA function.

  14. NO smoking or use of any tobacco products as well as alcohol at any TUFA function including games. This includes pre-game, during the game and post-game.

  15. Fines –Any fines assessed must be paid in full before the player/teams can resume play. No refunds will be given.