The Texas United Football Association (TUFA) is a minor professional football league whose purpose is to enhance the sport by providing fans with a brand of football that is retro-spective to the style that hardcore football fans haven’t seen in a long time, and a style that many new fans of football that new fans have never seen before. The league will connect with fans by returning football to its roots, including fostering a wide-open style of play and faster-paced action while encouraging player individuality to emerge.

What sets this league apart from other minor leagues is that each TUFA team will consist of a 60-man active roster that are experienced with a variety of backgrounds including the NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 NFL, NFL Europe, Arena Football League, Indoor Football League, Southern Indoor Football League, European Football League and the Canadian Football League.

In addition to the experienced players, the league is a hotbed for young, emerging high school graduate players and college-eligible players that are undiscovered talents who are in the pursuit of collegiate and professional careers. These players play solely for the love of the game, and are not under contract so that they do not lose collegiate eligibility or the ability to sign to an active roster of a professional league team. The TUFA launched its inaugural season in 2009 with 6 teams, has already grown to over 26 teams as of 2013 and has quickly emerged as the top minor professional football in the state of Texas and a force to be reckoned with at the national level as well. Viewers of our on-air broadcasts as well as attendees at our games will be treated to an all-access pass to the action both on and off the field. Cameras and mics will be placed on players, at various points on the field and sidelines and even in locker rooms, so that for the first time, The TUFA fan base will be able to enjoy football’s true power and emotions. There will be no restrictions on broadcaster commentary and indeed, broadcasters will be encouraged to deliver hard-hitting analysis. In addition to a phenomenal experience for fans, the primary mission of the TUFA is to enhance the lives of players, coaches and owners by extending those opportunities to pursue further education, development into professional careers both on and off the field, as well as development as entrepreneurs, better parents and citizens.